Sensitive stays in safe hands.

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We are trusted. There is a reason for that. Because we do everything when it comes to security and data protection related to commissioned data processing – we go beyond legal requirements. This correlates with our intention to stand in the forefront, too. Here are the areas in which you, your customers and staff can feel safe in particular:

Telecommunication and IT infrastructure

Our readiness is guaranteed up to 99.98 percent, based on different arrangements. We are for example fully redundant connected to the Deutsche Telekom via two ways to two different switching centers and have negotiated a 24/7 maintenance contract with highest priority. All data remote connections are secured through a dial up function. Moreover all leading staff are introduced to the emergency procedures and emergency tests are carried out regularly.

Process and data protection

To us it is self-evident that all data protection issues are dealt with according to the German Federal Data Protection Law (BDSG) as well as the European Guideline. Furthermore we intend to collaborate closely with the data protection officers of our customers. All staff undersign for the abidance by the data protection laws as well as the usage of IT equipment for business purposes only.

An automated in-house data backup is done every 24 hours and backup tapes are stored in a safe rated DIS 120. Additional monthly backups are kept in a bank safe and all business critical systems are laid out completely redundant.

Electrical supply

Our whole building is supplied through our own transformer and the complete power and light system is based on a DP solution. In addition, the EDP power supply is laid out triple redundant via a generator system as well as a central and local uninterruptable power supply.

Building security

Due to security reasons so much for that: our building is regularly checked not only by our safety officer but also by the British Airways safety department, the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association and the building supervisory board. Please check with us directly regarding further information around security systems and procedures.

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